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Where is the best place in the home to hang my artwork?

Centre artwork over furniture to provide balance in a room and
be mindful of the reflection when hanging a mirror. Don't hang
too many pieces in a hallway, as it tends to make the hallway look crowded.

What is the correct height to hang artwork?

There is no correct height, however a good rule of thumb is to have the centerline of the artwork at approximately eye level.

Will my artwork fade?

The short answer is yes all artwork will fade over time. Some mediums will fade quicker than others, works on  paper such as watercolor will fade rapidly if exposed to direct light, whereas oil paintings 
will not deteriorate as quickly.

What can I do to protect my artwork?

Ensuring the artwork is correctly framed using acid free paper 
and materials is important as well as having the artwork hung professionally. Exposure to sunlight can be combated by the 
use of non-reflective glass with UV protection when framed,
however excessive exposure to sunlight should be avoided for
any artwork. Hanging artwork on damp walls should also be 
avoided to prevent damage by mould.

What is security hanging?

Security hanging involves the attachment of special concealed
fixings to the artwork to prevent easy removal from the wall. It
is mostly used in commercial or hotel situations to avoid theft. It can also be used simply to prevent the artwork from being bumped or knocked out of alignment, especially in busy or narrow areas such as hallways and stairs.

What is asset management?

Asset management in relation to artwork is simply keeping track of the location, value and condition of your collection.

Why would you need to keep track of your artwork?

If you ran a fleet of cars you would need to track each car's 
condition, location and also its cost or replacement value, should
it become stolen or damaged, the same applies to artwork. For 
example an artwork in the boardroom may over a very short space 
of time become more valuable than the managing directors car. 
Regular asset manage- ment would identify this and steps could be
taken to ensure the artwork is secure and maintained properly. 

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